29 Nov

During this procedure, the menstrual cycle no longer stops. A deep silence covers your body, and physiological and hormonal changes knock on your door.

First of all, we can say that this is one of the most active periods of your eggs. In the second week of pregnancy, egg cell development continues in the ovaries of the expectant mother.

While they are in the body, the uterine membrane is called the uterus, the uterus also begins to thicken.


The purpose of this thickening is to ensure that the embryo that will form after fertilization can easily hold on to the uterus.

To meet the needs of a newly developing creature, the blood supply in this part of the body increases.

jul. At the end of this week, the developing egg is disconnected from the ovary by cracking. That is, ovulation occurs.

During one menstrual period, only 1 egg is produced by a woman and cracks. Unlike fraternal twins and triplets, not one egg is laid, but more than one. If the eggs are all fertilized, there will be a multiple pregnancy.

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