29 Nov

Although you don’t feel anything at the 3-week gestation stage, the most critical time of pregnancy is actually this week.

Because fertilization is taking place this week. In other words, sperm and egg finally meet and a 1-week-old embryo is formed inside you now.

The first week of the miracle, 3.for the week. There is an embryo in it that you will grow for 9 months. Can you believe it’s as big as a needle?


During this procedure, conditions such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to odors, a metallic taste in the mouth, overexertion, excessive drowsiness, frequent urination may develop.

Sometimes, although not always, you may feel mild cramps or pain. One of the most important issues in this process is nutrition.

It is also worth talking a little about him, now you are taking the first steps of the 9-month adventure. We have to hold on tight from the beginning.

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