01 Dec

There are movements in the heart rhythm! it’s so natural, you have a life in it. During this period, your heart can beat much faster than before.

A few tired days may be waiting for you until your blood volume catches these extra shots. And do not let the tenderness of the nipples bother you.

You can easily get through this delicate period by resting often, trying to control your eating patterns.


Changes in your emotional state can also cause a lot of confusion. You can worry about lovers who can not meet in the movies, for example, you can mourn about the loneliness of seals in this world.

What we will say is that even the fact that the weather is windy at the moment is enough for you to get emotional.

Many experts agree that folic acid should be taken for the healthy development of the baby and mother. Again, during this period, you should pay attention to a balanced diet, and also pay attention to foods that contain B12.

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