04 Jan

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is defined as a psychiatric disorder manifested by excessive mobility, inability to postpone requests (impulsivity), and attention problems that are not appropriate for the age and developmental level of the individual.

Although hyperactive children usually come to mind when they are called attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, this is not always the case. Sometimes only distraction is observed, sometimes only hyperactivity is observed, sometimes attention deficit and hyperactivity are observed together.

In order to be diagnosed with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, the symptoms must have started before the age of 7, be seen in more than one environment, be continuous, and be of a size that will negatively affect a person’s daily life.

Attention deficit is when the duration and intensity of attention are less than they should be according to the age of the individual. It is manifested by symptoms such as inability to concentrate attention to a certain point and easy distraction, disorganization, forgetfulness, loss of something.

The problem with attention deficit is not the inability to pay attention, but the inability to focus attention on a certain point. Such individuals pay attention to all stimuli at the same time at the same time, therefore, when dealing with a particular job, another stimulus easily causes them to be distracted. At that moment, they can quit their job and move to another job.

Some factors related to the stimulus and the environment affect the duration and intensity of attention. A child who can not sit at the beginning of the assignment for more than 10 minutes can play games for hours on the computer or watch a favorite TV program. It is even more difficult for an attention-deficient individual to focus attention on one point and maintain it in crowded, noisy and overexcited environments. However, he can focus on one-on-one relationships, calm environments and a topic that interests him for a longer time.

The duration and intensity of attention are different at any age. the attention span, which dec be considered normal for a child aged 5-6 years, is short for a 12-year-old child. Therefore, each individual should be evaluated within their own age december.

Hyperactivity disorder is a condition characterized by a constant lack of attention, which is not suitable for the development of the child. Such children become hyperactive, act thoughtlessly, are easily distracted and are unable to perform the tasks assigned to them. However, a failure at school, failure in Human Relations, about half of them sleep problems, a failure in the ability to fine, accident-related injuries, an increase in psychiatric disorders, and learning disabilities may have.

If you suspect that your child has attention deficit and hyperactivity, contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor will ask you a series of questions:

Is he finishing them off?

Does he forget the necessary things for homework or other tasks? Games, conversations, questions are not cutting it? Is he mobile enough to annoy others? According to the answers to these questions, your doctor may try to solve the problem himself or refer you to a specialist.

Its treatment usually requires a three-step approach: behavioral management, education and drug therapy. Although studies have shown that the most effective is drug therapy, these methods are more successful when applied together. In order for the child to be monitored for a long time and closely, including his success in school, social achievements and self-esteem, he must be under the constant control of a doctor. Although these children experience similar problems in their youth and adulthood, the vast majority of them develop quite a lot over time.

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