30 Nov

One of the causes of summer diarrhea, which is one of the problems that negatively affects young children, is pool water.

Pools, the water of which is not changed daily and the necessary analyzes are not performed regularly, are almost an invitation to summer diarrhea.

In cases of mild summer diarrhea, which usually occurs in the december of 0-5 years, treatment can be carried out at home. If the child who has had summer diarrhea is still breastfed, these children can continue to be breastfed.

0-5 Baby

Babies and children older than six months who are not breastfed can be given foods such as rice porridge, bananas, applesauce, yogurt, buttermilk, as well as liquid foods that they are used to. In october, it is recommended to give children decant water between meals. In more severe cases of diarrhea, fluid therapy can be administered intravenously by hospitalization.

Families with children who spend the summer period by the sea and the pool can avoid unwanted situations that may occur during this period by paying attention to a few simple points that concern both the children and themselves.

Protecting ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun, which is our source of life, using the pools and seas more consciously, and acting correctly in case of health problems experienced and receiving medical support when necessary will help you avoid problems that may occur during the summer period.

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