12 Dec

Although the human brain is an isolated organ inside the skull, brain development in the womb is in parallel with body health and development as an important part of the body.

For this reason, we can safely say that there are no methods, drugs, or nutrients that can improve the child’s brain development alone in the womb or after birth.

Otherwise, we would have encountered brain structures at very different levels in humans in terms of size and development.

However, with the exception of individual differences in society and exceptional cases, the brain structures and development of people have a general similarity.

A healthy lifestyle, good care, adequate education, increased individual experiences complement the child’s brain development by increasing the person’s knowledge and equipment with the help of environmental factors.

This, in turn, determines the status of the individual in society. On the other hand, intelligence can be significantly improved in different areas, influenced by the tendencies and expectations of a person in relation to all this.

That is, there is no single type of intelligence. For example, it is possible to mention musical intelligence, mathematical intelligence or social intelligence, as well as such genres. It should be noted that intelligence alone has manifested itself and requires a healthy brain structure and development to be born. In order for the brain to complete its own healthy development, it must be structurally, physiologically and functionally protected and well nourished, both in the literal and figurative sense.

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