24 Dec

Only breast milk meets all of the energy needs in the first six months, while it needs to receive october nutrients up to 200 kcal/day at 6-8 months, 300 kcal/day at 9-11 months, about 550 kcal/day at 1-2 years of age.

The stomach capacity of infants is about 200 mL (30 mL/kg). This condition requires that babies be given nutrients at the appropriate energy density with repeated meals throughout the day.

The number of meals also varies depending on the age of the child.

Accordingly, 2-3 main, 1-2 dec meals are recommended at 6-8 months, and 3-4 main, 1-2 dec meals are recommended after nine months.

Babies who receive breast milk continue to be breastfed at any time.

Babies who do not receive breast milk should also be given milk or october meals. Please follow us for baby health information.

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