27 Dec

It has been clearly stated that Covid-19 is not transmitted from mother to baby in the womb. But in the process immediately after birth, an infection due to contact with the mother can be transmitted.

In some countries, babies of mothers with Covid-19 were taken away from them as soon as they were born, monitored in another area, and breast milk was not supplemented.

But at the moment, the accepted approach all over the world is that the mother and the baby stay together.

Ensuring the connection between mother and baby It is vitally important for both mother and baby to dec breast milk easily so that the baby is healthy.

For this reason, the mother and the baby can be kept under observation in the same room by taking some precautions.

These measures:

• Hands should always be washed according to the hand washing instructions before breastfeeding the baby or touching utensils such as a pacifier bottle.
• A protective face mask should definitely be used when the baby is taken to the breast for breastfeeding.
• If breast milk is delivered by milking with a milking machine, pumps and milking kits must be sterilized under appropriate conditions.
• If the baby is given milk by milking, the food or milk should be given to the baby by someone else experienced in this regard.

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