24 Jan

It may still not be understood that you are pregnant, your tummy is not so noticeable.

But with increased blood volume, you may experience some swelling.

If you are going to ask how to get rid of the feeling of bloating during pregnancy, the answer is simple – drink water and exercise at a light pace.

10 Of pregnancy.we can summarize the complaints of the week as follows.

  • Frequent urination,
    • Nausea,
  • Stomach boil,
    • Bloating,
  • Vaginal discharge,
  • Increased appetite
    This period is now beginning to get emotional. Focus on the good things about pregnancy. Pregnancy is a process that also increases your body’s need for protein. Therefore, you can give weight to low-fat proteins. Chickpeas, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, steak or turkey breast meat can be a good source of protein. In order to gain healthy weight during pregnancy, it is worthwhile to work with a specialist dietitian, this will positively contribute to both the health of the baby and your childbirth. during the 10-week gestation period, the formation of almost all the organs of your baby, including the structure of the lips and palate, is completed. The lips and palate are the organs that take the longest to develop. The development in these sections is completed in about 3 weeks. Now you can see on the ultrasound that your baby has acquired a complete human image, his movements and even begins to suck his finger. 10 of pregnancy. by the week, babies often resemble a large shrimp, both in shape and in size.

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