02 Dec

Although your baby is still small, his heart continues to grow rapidly. The heart and circulatory system begin to work, and the heart up to the seed begins to beat. Small rhythms can be heard, although they do not begin to work fully.

let’s also answer the question of whether the 5-week-old baby appears. It is visible, but this can be determined by ultrasound, which is performed vaginally. But, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to see the baby and his heartbeat in the gestational sac. 5 Of pregnancy. let’s talk a little about what are the symptoms in the mother for a week.

It is certain that you will visit the toilet more often because of the pressure on the uterus. In addition, the feeling of endless nausea and bloating in your stomach october also be one of the troubles that can occur during this period.


In the second month of pregnancy, major changes also begin in your body. There may be pain or soreness in the breasts or nipple. The nipple darkens, and the glands around it may increase.
There may be vaginal discharge throughout pregnancy.

This is due to the pressure that hormones exert on the wall of the vagina, which expands during pregnancy. This vaginal discharge can become heavier or increase throughout pregnancy. During this period, it may be useful to use cotton underwear and wear comfortable trousers.

5 Of pregnancy. there may also be bleeding during the week. They can already be experienced during the first 12 weeks. These hemorrhages can be a harbinger of many things, so it’s worth being under the control of a doctor.

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