03 Dec

6 of pregnancy. during the week, your baby’s jawbones and cheeks begin to develop. Small indentations on both sides of the head now form the sides of the ears.

The small little bulge on the front of the head will soon turn into a nose. Her facial features are just taking shape. The brain is no longer formed, but continues to grow.

Small black dots on the face, which will soon become her eyes, and the miracle will continue to develop step by step.

Finally, it can be expected right now. at the 6-week gestation stage, you can now hear your baby’s heart rhythm.

Pregnancy 6 Week

Your baby’s tiny heart beats an average of 80 times per minute. And now is the ideal time to make an emotional connection, because everything is becoming more and more concrete.

You should have gained weight by now, but you may not be eating well due to nausea and you may have lost weight.

During the rest of the pregnancy, the temperature may rise, and this may be reflected in the weight.

Complaints can also take shape as the baby develops. 6 Of pregnancy.one of the complaints during the week is heartburn and indigestion.

You can overcome these troubles in natural ways, as the use of medicines will be problematic.

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