24 Jan

Yes, now all the organs are where they belong. The weight of your baby is on average up to 8 grams. During this period, the neck begins to develop and lengthen.

External reproductive organs develop rapidly. 11 of pregnancy. during the week, we have only one suggestion for your eyes to see if your tummy has become noticeable or if baby movements are felt at the age of 11 weeks; hang on a little longer! Although it is not yet clear, it will happen almost soon.

What distinguishes this period from others is that there may be a noticeable increase in appetite. Although the baby is developing very quickly, you can’t feel him moving yet. If you have small wiggles, it could probably be gas.

11. Among the complaints of the week during pregnancythere is a frequent headache, namely december dec. The reason for this may be increased blood production. Changes in the circulatory system can cause dizziness or headaches during pregnancy.

During this period, attention should be paid to carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy for the baby. With the recommendation and approval of your doctor, you can consume foods rich in ingredients such as brown rice, whole grain bread, oatmeal.

Apples, pears or bananas from fruits will also bring you the energy you need.

Eating bananas, especially in tired mornings, will increase your energy and also positively affect your motivation. Did you know that bananas have the ability to make you as happy as chocolate?

  • The sense of taste also develops when your baby begins to perceive the taste of amniotic fluid. Although the sense of smell completes its biological development in this process, your baby cannot use it in the environment where it is located. She will begin to use this sensation after giving birth. On the other hand, in the following weeks, when the baby’s development continues, the senses of sight and hearing will be completed after the 11-week gestation period.
  • It is quite normal that during pregnancy you have very frequent and vivid dreams and feel restless. Your hormonal balance, which is upside down, is mainly responsible for the fact that you have such dreams.
    • 11th month of pregnancy. in pregnancies up to one week, the probability of miscarriage is 1%. In the natural life cycle, the body usually terminates pregnancies that were not healthy until this process.

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