25 Jan

The most difficult period of pregnancy is about to end. The rest will be much more comfortable now. 12 Of pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at what happens during the week. If you want, let’s start with baby development first. This week your baby’s fingers and toes are now separated and the nails are growing.

Even tiny hairs appear on various parts of the body. It is worth clarifying one of the more curious questions about pregnancy; 12. can you tell the gender of the baby per week? Now that the external reproductive organs will be clearly visible, be prepared for some tips. You may not feel the baby for a while, because he is still chasing tiny movements; you will have to wait a little longer for such long-winded kicks.

You may have lost weight from time to time during your life. So that the weight gained during pregnancy does not bother you at all, you can get a little during this period. Pregnancy edema goes away already with childbirth. Have you also consulted a nutritionist for postpartum weight control, the rest is honey cream. You can start gaining weight from the sides of your stomach. In addition, weight gain can also be observed in the hips and legs.

Important information ;

• You can find out the risk of Down syndrome by taking a few measurements related to the thickness of your baby’s nape and the development of the nasal bone, as well as a blood test that will be taken with it. This test is called the 11 14 test or the binary test. If the risk rate is high, your doctor may recommend amniocentesis. The fact that the rates are high as a result of the test does not mean that there is a definite problem with your baby, it just determines the risk ratio.
• it is normal for dark spots to form on your body due to your body producing more melanin with 12 weeks of pregnancy.
• By drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, you can both eliminate constipation and cleanse your body of toxins.
• You should take care to use the seat belt correctly while in the car. The lower belt should pass under your stomach, and the crossed one should pass dec your breasts.

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