25 Jan

13 Of pregnancy.we have come to the lines where the question of whether the sex of the baby will be clear during the week is answered.

Yes, if your baby does not hide himself, now his gender can be determined. 13.complaints of pregnancy during the week may include cracks, bloating, and changes in the dec.

An increase in your weight can also cause you to feel all this. The solution is actually so simple; drink plenty of water. In fact, the simplest answer to the question of how to get rid of bloating during pregnancy is also the simplest.

And your pregnancy is 13. what should I pay attention to during the week?

The first place in the list of eating habits that harm the baby during pregnancy is caffeine. According to experts, excessive consumption of caffeine leads to a decrease in birth weight in infants. Because caffeine passes through the placenta and can provide direct access to the baby. This, in turn, negatively affects the development of the baby.

The early signs of pregnancy and the complaints it creates almost never remain. During this period, it is necessary not to get tired too much and relax as much as possible. As the uterus grows, it stretches and also stretches the membranes that surround it and hold it in place. This can be perceived in the form of a slight inguinal pain. Hormones also cause changes in the skin. There may be spotting, especially on the face and neck. It is a temporary condition and resolves after childbirth. Now your tummy has started to grow. Clothes that used to be may start to feel tight. Or is it time to start buying maternity clothes?

• with the 13-week gestation period, many mothers begin to feel better about themselves. Because now your body has begun to adapt to pregnancy. Disorders such as nausea, vomiting cease or subside completely. But your growing uterus continues to put pressure on your bladder and your toilet visits begin to become frequent.
• It is useful to get used to lying on your side instead of on your back. In this way, both your baby will get more oxygen and your kidneys will not be under pressure.
• since your belly will start to grow gradually with 13 weeks of pregnancy, you can start using anti-crack creams by getting your doctor’s approval.

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