27 Jan

as of the 14-week gestation period, your baby can now move his hands and arms comfortably. This situation is perhaps the most interesting of the baby’s developments during the 14-week pregnancy period.

This week, your baby can now move his hands comfortably. Nausea, a state of constant vomiting, etc. such complaints are now decreasing from good to good. Well, your pregnancy is 14. what changes in the mother during the week?

With the growth of the uterus, the organs also have an extra burden on them.

The uterus also presses on the leg veins, and this pressure also causes leg cramps at night. 14. one of the complaints of pregnancy during the week is groin pain. It is formed by stretching the november and connective tissues around the expanding uterus. There is no dangerous situation, do not worry at all.

During this period, you may be very friendly, especially with meat moles. Meat moles can also be in the form of small spots on the skin. Your normal moles may also have darkening or growth.

Do not forget to get information from your doctor about such changes.
Listen to what your dentist says, especially during this period of pregnancy. Although the question of whether pregnant women can get dental care is always open to discussion, you should be sensitive during this process, you should take care of your dental care and see your dentist at least 1 time to prevent possible infection risks. Nutrition during this period is also gaining importance day by day.

First of all, it should be noted that dieting while pregnant is not a good idea. Although gaining weight is one of the main aspects of pregnancy, when you combine this weight loss business with ‘health’, a more beautiful picture emerges.

Protein comes across as a critical nutrient during pregnancy. A period when you need to be friends with protein-containing foods. In addition to animal products, you can also use legumes and nuts. It will also be good to consume foods such as red bell pepper, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, apples, pineapples, kiwi. By the way, foods such as whole wheat, oats, rye are also rich dec of carbohydrates, mind you.

• as of the 14-week gestation period, your baby reaches almost 9 cm tall and now has its own fingerprint. Along with this week, developments related to reproductive organs also begin.
• Your baby begins to urinate now, and his urine mixes with the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid is renewed in this process up to 6 times a day. That is why it is quite important to consume plenty of fluids during pregnancy.
• during 14 weeks of pregnancy, your breasts will continue to grow. Do not worry if a yellow liquid comes out of the nipples. The name of this liquid is colostrum. This is the first food that your baby will absorb after birth and will play an important role in the development of his immune system.
• Now your stomach starts to become obvious. You can communicate with your baby by putting your hand on your stomach. This is beneficial both for the psychological development of the two of you and strengthens the bond between you dec
• Most expectant mothers do not mind drinking herbal tea. However, it is worthwhile not to overdo it.
• it is possible to find out the sex of your baby during an ultrasound examination starting from the 14-week gestation period. If your baby is not in the appropriate position, you may need to wait for the next checkup.

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