25 Jan

our surprise news about the 15-week pregnancy period is this: your baby’s hair is coming out! continuing to develop at the 15-week gestation stage, thin and silky hairs called lanugo begin to appear on your baby’s head. These primitive hairs disappear at birth.

The second important news is that your baby starts sucking on your finger. Your doctor will show you by ultrasound that your baby is taking his finger to his mouth and sucking it.

Do not be afraid, this does not mean that the baby will have a habit of sucking fingers after birth. It’s just a reflex in the womb. There is also no rule that every baby sucks fingers in the womb, but this is a common occurrence during ultrasound examinations. During this period, the baby’s skin is quite thin, and veins can be seen under the skin.

Let’s talk about complaints at 15 weeks of pregnancy. First of all, the nausea that has been troubling you will be gone now. The malaise will persist for a while longer, but at least you will urinate less.

There may be constipation. You may have a decadal headache, due to increased blood volume. Decadal headache. during the 15-week gestation period, toothache may also be waiting for you. There may be tenderness in the gums, but do not worry about it, it will pass.

Of course, with the growth and aggravation of the baby, you can also make some changes to your lying position. Lying on your back can make it difficult for you to breathe, so lying on your side will relax you. Dec can also put a pillow between your knees to prevent the pressure that your stomach puts on your legs. There may be some changes in your sleep patterns.

To avoid this, you can also take a walk outdoors before sleeping. You will sleep more comfortably with the comfort provided by clean oxygen. Jul: For a more comfortable sleep and pregnancy; you can also take advantage of programs such as pregnant yoga, and breathing exercises for pregnant women.

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