28 Jan

during the 16-week pregnancy period, your baby’s eyes and ears reach their final position where they will be when your baby is born. Simple reflexes, such as blinking, begin to develop.

Similarly, the ears have taken their final position. Nerve fibers begin to be covered with a substance called myelin, which gives them their properties.

Myelin is an extremely important substance for nerve conduction. The circulatory system has become fully functional.

The placenta of the baby is about the size of the fetus. The umbilical cord system begins to mature. the baby, which is 120 grams, has grown enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Under ultrasound, it can be detected that the baby is hiccupping.

This is one of the signs of the onset of respiration. Another first of this week is the appearance of the light reflex in the baby. Now your baby can theoretically react to light.

16 of pregnancy. the week is quite important in all respects. As soon as the gender of the baby, which is perhaps the first place at the beginning of the topics that expectant mothers and fathers are most interested in, becomes clear this week.

A good ultrasound device and an experienced eye will very likely determine the sex of the baby at 16 weeks of gestation. The determination of the sex of the baby in these weeks mainly depends on the experience of the attending physician conducting the examination.

Again, a triple screening test can be performed this week, which is extremely important for Down syndrome. The ideal time interval for this test is December 16-20. for weeks.

Experienced expectant mothers can feel the first movement of the baby in this week. But the fact that the movement is not felt does not mean that it is an abnormal condition. In those who have experienced their first pregnancy, the detection of the first movement of the baby occurs around 20 weeks.

And nutrition ;
The tummy is growing, the belly is moving, but there is no need to worry. The thing to pay attention to here is to eat decently often. Eating decadal meals 3 to 4 times in addition to the main meals is the key to a healthy pregnancy. october 2, 2019.

Decadal meal suggestions for pregnant women can also be very tasty, and you will have a great answer to the question of how to eat healthy during pregnancy with foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts.

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