05 Dec

Technology makes a significant contribution to the development of children when it is used in the right place and as much as necessary, that is, its measure is not missed.

The outside world; every moment, every second, especially television, mobile phones and children often one of the technological tools they use computer and technological gadgets, the flow of information in an ongoing relationship, parental control should be provided to children in December and limited technological tools must have these limits should be used.

Parents who are responsible for what their children do and cannot do should also be able to reflect the achievements of technology and the information age to their children and act consciously in this regard by continuing the above-mentioned supervision and control tasks.

Technological And Baby

Parents should master the concepts of media literacy and technology literacy. In this large pool of information, which is developing more and more every day and its boundaries are expanding, it should conduct the necessary screening for its children and adopt technological solutions to use them in a way that benefits its children.

As a result, when we evaluate the impact of technology on child development, it is possible to talk about the benefits and harms of technology in children like everyone else. In order for children to benefit and be protected from harmful content, parents and the elderly should keep children under control in all their activities

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