01 Dec

Toys vary according to the age, developmental periods and gender of the baby and children. The cognitive-social and psychomotor abilities of babies, developing from birth, allow them to overcome many problems.

The main assistants for increasing problem solving and item handling skills, as well as for having fun and living real life, are games and toys.

Dolls Playing With Toys

When choosing toys, toy choices made taking into account the child’s age group and developmental periods will help children play with the right toy at the right time and thus develop correctly.

Babies have reached a certain level of adaptation to the world in which they are guests. During this period, they can play with illustrated cloth or plastic books, interlocking boxes or rings, a game rug, or cushions with layers of colors and images that appeal to the senses on them.

As in previous months, sound and moving toys will continue to attract their attention.

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