30 Nov

Trying, exploring and playing is part of childhood. As parents, you need to make a choice of toys according to the period of development of children and their age group.

It is entirely the responsibility of the parents to determine and provide toys that will allow the baby to learn while having fun.

1 month old baby

Clean: The first and most important condition for choosing toys for babies and children is safety. When shopping for toys for your child, you need to make sure that the product you are going to buy meets the necessary safety conditions. For example, toys with small parts or sharp edges should be presented to children after a certain age and period of development.

During this period, rattling, rustling and sounding musical toys may be preferred for babies whose auditory abilities are more developed than their visual abilities.

Musical toys help to strengthen focus and attention in the baby during this period. On the other hand, rustling and rattling toys promote the development of their auditory world by exploring sounds.

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