26 Jan

During this period, childhood has also begun. Imitation is observed intensively.

Children who have reached a certain level cognitively and emotionally observe their elders much more during this period, especially their parents, than they think. the choice of toys for 1 year old should also be approached from this point of view.

They imitate many behaviors, from eating to sitting down to taking off to talking and laughing, by looking at their elders. Such properties of objects as color, size are now the reason for choosing for them.

Therefore, selectivity is also noticeable. Since children’s mobility increases during this period, attention should also be paid to toy safety.

Toys that will not break when raised and that are balanced or not broken into pieces, as well as toys that are not too heavy for the child, should be preferred.

During this period, dolls in interchangeable dresses can play with toys such as toy animals, tricycles, wooden blocks, puzzles, hand puppets, wooden toys placed in shapes, shopping and strollers, crayons.

Thanks to this, they develop cognitive, social, language and motor skills.

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