26 Jan

At the moment, the fine and gross motor skills of children are quite well developed. They jump, jump, run aimlessly from place to place.

During this period, the little hands and fingers of the children have gained quite a lot of dexterity. Their ability to self-care has increased. mastery of emulation and imitation behavior has been acquired.

They choose the way to experience the world in the closest way to reality while imitating it by playing house with dolls, building construction sites with toy work tools and sand, building structures, playing professional games with doctors or cooking supplies. In doing so, they also prefer a playmate with them.

They can play with other children in cooperation.

During this period, nesting toys, all kinds of water toys, mirror, baby carriages, toys, all kinds of car park toys, puzzles, wooden blocks and cubes, letters and numbers, counting toys, play dough, and memory-intelligence cards, educational picture books, hand puppets, self-care skills on developing zippers, buttons, plugins toys, play with objects, such as coloring books with colored pencils.

Coefficients can vary because of individual differences in children benefit from child to child, parents and their children to determine which needs to be supported by observing elders for kids will also be beneficial.

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