27 Dec

It means infrequent, hard and painful defecation. That is why it may not fit this definition, which parents describe as constipation.

Bleeding may also occur in the breech. But it should not be confused with the habits of defecation.

Because some children can defecate 2 times a day, and some defecate every 2 days. Those who receive breast milk, on the other hand, can defecate 7-8 times a day.

Constipation is much less common in breastfed babies (breast milk softens the poop), constipation is more common in babies who are fed ready-made food or start solid foods.

It is common in children who refuse to eat vegetables and fruits, drink too much milk and do not move much. Constipation can be caused by an underdeveloped or slow digestive system, an insufficient amount of fiber in the food, or more serious disorders, such as intestinal obstruction, rarely.

If your child has constipation, increase water consumption and physical activities. If your baby has not started crawling, play “cycling” with his legs.

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Give preference to fibrous foods. Give foods such as cauliflower, zucchini, cabbage, corn, celery, grapes, apricots, melons, plums, pears.

Cereals, oat flour and wholemeal flour are also useful. Do not allow him to drink more than half a liter of milk a day. If he refuses to eat vegetables, mix them with other foods that he likes.

If constipation lasts a long time, cracks may form around the anus, which leads to even more pain, because of this, the child is afraid to defecate and postpones his toilet, the poop that stays inside for a longer time becomes even harder, and thus a vicious circle is formed.

To prevent this; increase the fiber diet, sit on the toilet seat at the same time every day and make sure that it does not come out before the end.

Use books, toys that he likes, so that he does not spontaneously go to the toilet or get bored. Sit on a warm water bath several times a day.

Despite all this, if constipation has persisted for more than 1 week, take it to the doctor. Do not use constipation-relieving drugs without a doctor’s recommendation.

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