27 Nov

They can happen, albeit rarely. Breast milk is useful for the baby’s intestines, but if you feed it with formula, it can have the opposite effect on his newly developing intestines and cause constipation.

If the stomach is not comfortable, especially if it is hard and restless, be sure to consult your doctor.

Let’s talk about what your baby can do at the age of 1 month. In a very short time, he can raise his head when you lay him flat on the floor.

He can laugh at himself or reciprocate your smile. Lying on his back, he can try to turn to the side.

let’s continue with the frequency of breastfeeding a 1-month-old baby. you don’t have a condition to breastfeed every 2-3 hours; when you want to breastfeed, sucking can work better.

Breast milk provides everything he needs, but if you can’t give breast milk, baby food that your doctor thinks is appropriate will also help feed him.

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