19 Jan

Childbirth by natural means or by cesarean section is decided depending on the current course of pregnancy, the state of health of the expectant mother and the baby. In the light of the limited research conducted, it can be said that there is no connection with the way the coronavirus was born.

Therefore, the mode of delivery can be carried out as planned in advance.

If the general health of the mother and baby is in place, vaginal delivery may be preferred. It is extremely important from the point of view of maternal and infant health that social isolation rules continue to be applied to prevent visitors from being admitted to the house after birth.

What should we do if we catch coronavirus during pregnancy?

Despite all the measures taken, in case of contracting the coronavirus, the expectant mother should contact the nearest medical institution wearing a mask. For the diagnosis of COVID-19, it may be necessary to resort to radiological imaging methods such as tomography. After the doctor has taken the necessary measures for the baby, radiological imaging can be performed.

Husband with pregnant wife in hospital

Therefore, it is recommended that the expectant mother approve the conduct of such examinations for her own health. If pregnant women have been infected with coronavirus, the course of treatment and follow-up is no different from other individuals. In this process, depending on the general state of health of the expectant mother, the doctor may apply the person’s treatment at home or in the hospital.
After taking the necessary measures to monitor your pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic, do not hesitate to contact the nearest medical institution.

What Should Nursing Mothers Pay Attention to?

As a result of limited research conducted during the coronavirus epidemic, it has not been determined that the coronavirus is transmitted from breast milk to the baby. The virus was also not detected in milk samples taken from nursing mothers who were positive for coronavirus.

For this reason, there is no situation that requires newborn mothers to be afraid of breastfeeding their babies. Nursing mothers with COVID-19 should wash their hands with soap and water, wear masks and gloves before breastfeeding their babies. If possible, respiratory hygiene should be carried out during breastfeeding.

But if this condition does not enter the mother, it can be given to the baby through a bottle by milking breast milk. The baby can be fed by the method described as relaxation. If necessary, the baby can also be given ready-made formula or donor breast milk. We wish you healthy days.

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