06 Feb

Parents have a very important place in the physical, mental, social and emotional development of their child, the acquisition of basic skills, the formation of his personality, the learning of human relations, the exploration of the world.

It is possible for an effective parent to choose the right ways of communication when raising a child, to apply appropriate disciplinary methods and to set the necessary rules. Since the goal of conscious and sensitive parents is to raise healthy, peaceful, happy, successful, sensitive and confident children, effective parenting is very important.

Not being an effective parent is also the biggest concern of these parents.

The parenting attitude of each parent, the method of raising a child are different. Parents should adjust their parenting attitude according to the level of development and maturity of their child, his character and personality, adapt their own truths to the characteristics of their child.

Although there is not the only universally accepted correct parenting pattern, there are basic and unchangeable rules that parents should pay attention to when raising children.

These; to love your child unconditionally, to accept him as he is, to approach him with compassion and respect, to understand that he is a different individual from himself, to provide him with a healthy, safe, peaceful, orderly and regulated home environment, to raise him in a physical and social environment where he will develop his abilities, eliminate his deficiencies.

Being tolerant, supportive and reassuring is one of the basic methods in effective parenting. Parents who are tolerant of the child’s ideas and behaviors, support him to express his feelings and thoughts, trust his child, raise children who have high self-esteem, strong internal control, self-confidence, feel valuable.

Encouraging the child to explore, allowing him to form his own self and gain independence, not mixing emancipation and wandering, drawing clear boundaries of freedom, acting decisively in the rules are the concepts that are fundamental in an effective parental attitude.

It should be noted, limits and rules, the child dislike, suppressing a child’s creativity by restricting the freedom not to destroy, on the contrary, good and bad, to see the difference between right and wrong, build character, and internal discipline to identify and healthy social relationships and gain their true feelings they create to build a safe space for them to reflect.

In effective parenting, all the needs of the child are handled with compassion without delay, the child is made to feel loved no matter what he does, responsibilities are given according to the level of development, he is allowed to solve his problems, independent decision-making is provided, the goals set for the child’s realization are determined according to his abilities, parents and children are in constant communication. In effective parenting, family members can talk to each other about everything and listen to each other, family members are honest with each other.

Grown in a family where a child is selected for effective parenting yourself and family trusts, free and independent, knows no boundaries, are aware of their responsibilities and take responsibility, and social and emotional sufficient sense of self worth gives recognizes the right to life understands that something should strive to achieve, strive to achieve the set goal.

Love, compassion, attention, trust, boundaries and rules, communication are the basic concepts of effective parenting.

Children who grow up in accordance with these concepts are most likely to be strong, struggling, safe, independent, creative, reliable individuals – unless they have special problems.

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