18 Dec

In order for children’s hair not to get worn out, they should be washed with warm water, use soap that does not contain perfumes and dyes, or shampoo specially made for babies.

To avoid allergies, redness or itching, it is necessary to avoid products that are sold in cosmetic stores. Because these products contain chemicals that can irritate the baby’s skin, such as cleaning agents and synthetic fragrances.

Conditioner should definitely not be used in children.

It is better if a hair dryer is not used to dry children’s hair.

Because a hair dryer is a machine that emits a lot of heat due to its property. It can be harmful to children’s delicate and sensitive hair and scalp. Hair dryers for drying children’s hair should be used remotely and in the hot air blowing mode.

Do not use buckles or tires on your baby’s hair. Babies’ hair is usually very thin-stranded, and accessories can damage their hair. Ingestion of such small accessories by the baby, etc.

There are also risks. Also, you should not put a hat on your baby before his hair is completely dry.

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