26 Dec

Migraine and tension headaches can also occur in children. While older children can identify a headache, younger children may not be able to describe this condition that they cannot identify.

It is quite important to observe the children well, as they should be excluded from their state and movements.

The vast majority of them are harmless. Headaches can occur as a single disease or as a symptom of another disease.

The cause of a headache that occurs only in children is a disease of accumulation of excess fluid in the brain cavities called hydrocephalus.

Besides, infections (including sinusitis, especially, throat and ear infections, respiratory infections can often lead to headaches), psychological factors (stress, depression, school problems in relations with family and friends), environmental factors (floors, freshly painted, air pollution, noise), foods (such as chocolate, cola drinks, caffeine, sausage-style food, especially can trigger a migraine), visual disturbances, and rarely serious diseases (tumors, bleeding, abscess, meningitis), or may cause headache.

If your child has a headache; before going to the doctor, you need to monitor the child well and answer some questions yourself. In this way, both the doctor will be able to diagnose more easily and the time will be saved. Is there a constant drowsiness and weakness? Is there dizziness? Is there vomiting and fever?

Is there neck stiffness or neck stiffness? Is the severity of the pain mild or severe? Does the child show one side or both sides when he has a headache? Is there a mental turbidity? Are there any other complaints besides headaches? How long has it been going on? Has he hit his head somewhere lately or has he had a serious fall?

Especially if the headache is accompanied by fever, vomiting, dizziness and decapitation, it should definitely be taken to the doctor and told which of the other problems are experiencing.

For headaches, rest in a darkened room is often good. Bright and flickering lights, noise, cinema, television, sharp smells can trigger pain or make it heavier to watch. Staying away from physical or spiritual stresses, not staying in too hot and cold can comfort the child.

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