02 Feb

Breast milk is the main source of nutrients for your baby to grow up healthy. An alternative way to get breast milk is to milk the breast.

Milking the breast is a process that is not very easy for the mother in the first period. Sometimes it is preferable to store milk, and sometimes as a reliable and convenient method of increasing milk. It is important that the milked milk is stored, not spoiled, and then ready for use.

Considering how valuable even a drop of breast milk is, it is extremely important to safely store milked breast milk.

Here is an important question that has been bothering you here: How is breast milk stored? What to do to keep breast milk intact? Continue reading.

Breast milk is a miraculous nutritional product that meets all the nutritional needs of newborn babies during the first six months of life. Breast milk, which contains all the nutrients that the baby will need and changes its structure as a result of changing the needs of the baby, is almost a miracle of nature.

Basically, it is best to give breast milk directly to the baby by the method of breastfeeding. However, due to the requirements of city life and a number of other difficulties, the mother may not be ready to breastfeed at any time when the baby needs milk. In such cases, breast milk should be stored and given to the baby if necessary.

For all these reasons, the question of how and for how long breast milk can be stored becomes one of the questions that mothers are looking for an answer to.

According to studies, there is information that breast milk milked at room temperature can be stored for 3 hours, on the refrigerator shelf (at 4 degrees) for 3 days, and in the freezer (below -18 degrees) for 3 months.

Here the question immediately comes to mind, what kind of container should be used when storing breast milk.

You can use hard plastic or glass containers that are stylized, the lid fits well, the outside. On these containers you need to write down the time and date when you milked. Because breast milk, which was milked first, should be used first.

You can store your milk beautifully and healthily in milk storage bags or containers that do not contain BPA and BPS, designed specifically for storing breast milk.

Put the breast milk coming out of the freezer in a bowl filled with warm water with a bag or tuft storage container and wait.

You can also warm the breast milk that comes out of the refrigerator by placing it in a bowl filled with warm water. It is strictly not recommended to boil it, heat it on fire, suddenly put it in very hot water. Heated breast milk is given to the baby with the help of a bottle.

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