16 Jan

Breastfeeding is very important for newborn babies. How will you take your baby as soon as you hold his arms, and how often would you like to breastfeed. The questions we are asked most often and the questions we are wondering arise in December.

The main purpose of breastfeeding is to breastfeed your baby often and abundantly every time he wants to. Babies will be our guide in this regard. But it is important to know some points.


Since the stomach capacity of a newborn baby is very small, and breast milk is a laxative, you should breastfeed abundantly and often. You will notice that your baby already wants to suck during this period. Especially in the first 10-12 days, when newborn babies are most likely to have neonatal jaundice, even in the first 1 month, you should definitely wake up your baby and take 3 of them. you need to make sure that the watch is on the chest.

It is necessary to breastfeed a newborn baby for five minutes from both breasts on the first day, for ten minutes on the second day, for fifteen minutes on the third day and more. This is important for the baby to learn to suck, to determine the ripening and quantity of breast milk.
Your baby may want to stay in the breast longer. Sucking in the first days does not just mean that the baby is full. He needs to smell his mother.

Breast milk secretes a milk we call colostrum in the first 3-4 days. The amount of colostrum in milk is small, but its content benefits the baby’s immune system. 4. 10-12. day. between days, breast milk completes its decaying.

During this period, it is important to breastfeed the baby often throughout the day, regardless of the time. 10-12. a day later, the mother has completed the maturation of the milk. What does this mean?

Now your baby should finish the milk in one breast and switch to the other breast. If he sucks the right breast for 5 minutes, the left breast for 5 minutes, as in the first days, he can only get a watery portion of breast milk. In order for him to get the fatty part, he needs to suck the breast for an average of 15-20 minutes and finish the milk in that breast. If he wants to continue sucking, he must switch to the other breast. The most important indicator that the baby is eating well is weight gain in the right proportions. To keep in touch with your doctor, forget about this issue and do not ignore his recommendations.

The more disgusting your baby is, the more breast milk he will have.

As the message coming to your breast increases more and more, the milk-producing hormones come into play and more milk production begins. Therefore, every time your baby wants it, you should breastfeed him abundantly. In cases where you have a lot of milk, you can also milk it with milk pumps and stock up with milking bags.

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