29 Jan

Multiple pregnancies are caused by the fertilization and development of multiple egg cells with separate spermatozoa, or the division of a single egg cell after fertilization.

In this way, triplet babies are also formed by the fertilization of three separate egg cells by three sperm cells in the womb, or when an egg cell divides into two of the two fertilized egg cells and begins to develop as an embryo.

The probability of multiple pregnancy increases depending on some factors.

Situations where the probability of multiple pregnancy is high; the age of the expectant mother is over 35, it is possible to get pregnant with medical help, and there are multiple pregnancies in the family.

What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy in Triplet Pregnancies?

In triplet pregnancies, the expectant mother will also experience symptoms in single pregnancies. These symptoms that pregnant women usually experience are;

Delay of menstruation
Tenderness in the breasts
Nausea and vomiting
Feeling of weakness and fatigue
Frequent urination
Olfactory sensitivity
There will be such changes as overeating.
In addition to these symptoms, different symptoms will also october in the expectant mother’s body during a triple pregnancy. In triple pregnancies;
The uterus will be larger compared to a single pregnancy.
Mom will gain more weight.

There will be a more intense feeling of weakness and fatigue.
The mother’s need to urinate will be more frequent than during a single pregnancy.
The value of B-HCG may be higher.

Nausea and vomiting of the mother may be more common than in single pregnancies.
Anemia may occur in the mother.

Although all these symptoms indicate a triple pregnancy, the exact way to detect it will be ultrasound imaging.

Although triplets are suspected due to symptoms such as the mother’s stomach growing faster than usual and rapid weight gain during pregnancy, 6 is for an accurate determination.

it is necessary to wait a week. Triple babies begin to become noticeable on ultrasound from the sixth week. A specialist in ultrasound imaging will understand multiple pregnancy by examining the placenta and sacs.

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