07 Feb

It is a fact that from the moment the baby is born, even while he is still in the womb, he needs parents.

This need is primarily due to the fact that the baby cannot cope with his physical needs alone, cannot protect himself from dangers.

Your mother should breastfeed her when she’s hungry, your father should clean her when she gets dirty, and a shelter should be prepared to keep her warm and safe. So, does a baby-child need parents only to meet his physical needs?

Of course not! The baby-child also needs his parents for his emotional needs, and these requirements will exist throughout his life, although they will differ as he grows up. To be loved, to be touched, to feel valued…

In order to ensure all these requirements and especially emotional needs, parents must be actively present in the child’s life from birth, around him.

The time spent with the baby from birth, the activities dec, the sharing between the child and his parent are very valuable and important for the child’s development.

The mental, physical, social and emotional development of the baby depends on his interaction with his environment, communication with people and the quantity and quality of the stimuli he receives.

Of course, the social and emotional development of a child who has grown up away from people, spending only time at home, and has not had the opportunity to have adequate verbal, auditory, and visual communication with his parents will be slower than that of a child who has been offered these opportunities. In the same way, a child supported by physical activities appropriate to the level of development from the moment of birth also has a stronger november and bone structure than a baby who is constantly lying, constantly on his lap.

For this reason, it is important that parents spend time with their children and fill this time with activities that will develop their physical, mental, social and emotional skills appropriate to the child’s development level.

The golden rule of spending quality time with a child is to be able to enter the child’s world. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to take the child and take him to the park, stand next to him while he plays, hand him a piece or two of puzzles, sit and watch TV together to spend quality time.

As parents, quality time begins to be spent when the child is with the child at the moment. During this period, it is one of the critical points to do the things that the child enjoys doing, to leave the choice of games or activities to him.

Sometimes the child is ready to give up what he wants and play the game of their choice just to spend time with his parents, not to let it be necessary to make sure that the activity is an activity that the child will enjoy.

Being in the same environment for hours with the child, but being busy with different jobs is also not a quality time. In order for the time spent to be of good quality, there definitely needs to be communication, and mother-child, father-child should be completely focused on each other.

Playing games, chatting, telling each other about your day, touching, looking into the child’s eyes and giving the child the opportunity to express himself makes the time spent with the child a quality one.

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