23 Dec

37. babies born before the week of gestation are more exposed to a number of health problems because they are born before the organ and tissue systems are sufficiently developed.

They may have problems with the heart. The baby’s heart may not be mature enough to pump blood. Circulatory systems may not be healthy enough to carry oxygen to the rest of the body.

Respiratory problems or other diseases may occur due to the fact that the baby’s lungs cannot develop enough and fluid accumulates in the lung.

Failure to develop the eyes well can cause vision loss.

Premature babies are more likely to get an uncomfortable and painful ear infection.

Premature babies may experience problems with breastfeeding and feeding. This condition can cause them to not eat well and cause digestive problems.

Jaundice may occur if liver function is not able to improve.

Babies born too early may have fluid accumulation in the brain.

The baby will have to make more efforts to maintain body temperature. This, in turn, leads to other health problems.

Premature babies may need to stay in hospitals and intensive care units for long periods of time and may have to struggle with the negative consequences of this.

Premature babies are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and get diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease in adult life

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