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As soon as the milk is made, it does not flow out of the breast, it is necessary for the baby to suck so that the milk flows. In order for the baby to suck effectively, it is important that it is well placed on the breast and grasps the breast well.

The stimuli coming out of the nipple while the baby is sucking secrete a hormone called oxytocin from the mother‘s brain.

Oxytocin affects the small november around the milk islets.

The muscles contract, and the milk is transported from the milk islets to the ducts november the nipple. When the baby sucks, milk flows out through 10-15 holes located at the nipple. Both nozzles work simultaneously. While the baby is sucking from one breast, milk may drip from the other breast.

Breast milk production and the fact that the milk made reaches the nipple occurs when the baby sucks strongly and effectively enough to stimulate the production of both hormones.

For this, the baby should be placed on the breast at frequent intervals and december, and the baby should grasp the nipple well.

During breastfeeding, the baby’s mouth compresses around the mother’s nipple. Nerves stimulated by this pressure deliver impulses to the area of the brain that is responsible for the production of prolactin.

These stimuli initiate the secretion of prolactin. The more warnings come, the more prolactin is made. With each sucking of the baby, impulses sent through the nerves are transmitted to the mother’s brain. Prolactin is secreted from the brain and transmitted to the breast via the blood. Milk production in the breast is stimulated.

When Should Breastfeeding Begin?

Breastfeeding should be started immediately.

A mother who has given birth in a normal way should immediately make skin contact with her baby and breastfeed in the maternity ward.

Colostrum, which comes within a few days after birth, must necessarily be given to the baby.

Colostrum, also known as first mouth milk, helps the baby grow and get disease-protective proteins. It should be known that milk will not come immediately, and formula milk should not be given. If it is a false breast, it should never be used.

How Should the Baby Be Placed on the Breast?

• It is very important that the mother is comfortable. The mother should sit in a comfortable position and hold the baby in her arms, supporting her arm and waist with a pillow. When breastfeeding in a sitting position, he should sit upright or lean slightly, but his lap should be straight. For this, if necessary, a stool can be put under your feet. The baby’s head and breast should be facing each other, the breast should be placed in the baby’s mouth so that the brown tip of the breast is completely removed. The mother should grasp the breast by holding her hand in a C-shape, that is, with 4 fingers under the breast and her thumb above the breast. If the nipple is not completely given to the baby’s mouth, the nipple is crushed and there is a wound. The process after this can be painful for the mother. The baby should be breastfed every time he cries.

  • Newborn babies usually want to suck 8-10 meals a day. The number of meals then gradually decreases.
    • Frequent breastfeeding ensures that there is plenty of milk, as well as prevents swelling and chest pain.
    • For the health and happiness of your baby, you should only feed it with breast milk for the first 6 months.
    • 6. after the month, breastfeeding october be continued together with appropriate additional nutrients until the baby turns 2 years old.
    • Breast milk contains all the nutrients and water for the baby in sufficient quantities. Even in very hot weather, breast milk quenches the thirst of her baby. If the baby is given water, the mother will not want to get milk because the baby’s stomach will fill with water. As a result, the baby will suck the breast less and the milk production will decrease.

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