02 Feb

As an alternative way to direct breastfeeding, the milking process can be completed easily and effortlessly with products called breast pumps today.

These products, which are divided into manual hand pump and electric breast pump, serve mothers with different needs.

Manual breast pumps are manual devices that allow you to easily complete the milking process. The milking adjustment features included in the manual breast pumps help you to bring the milking power of the product to the level you will need.

You can quickly complete the milking process thanks to manual breast pumps, which can be easily sterilized and allow you to use it in case of need by producing milk for your baby during periods other than breastfeeding.When using the hand pump, you need to sit in a comfortable position, fully place your nipple in the chamber of the hand pump.

Then you can perform milking by squeezing and releasing the mechanism in any rhythm.
Electric milking machines are breast pump products that work with the help of an electric source and allow you to quickly and practically complete the milking process.

Electric breast pumps, thanks to the adjustable vacuum feature, allow you to automatically start the milking process at the pace you need and complete the milking process in the most efficient way.

Some milking machines also offer the option of working on batteries, allowing you to continue using the device in cases where you have no chance to access electricity, such as travel or hospitality.

Such products work at a pace close to the rhythm of sucking the baby’s breast, helping mothers to comfortably complete the process of milking. Just like with hand pumps, with electric breast pumps, you first need to take a comfortable sitting position and place your nipple correctly in the chamber of the device.

Then you can perform the milking process by setting the device’s operating tempo to the level you need.

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