13 Jan

We know that hygiene is very important for your baby. We will share with you the basic tips that you need to know about the baby bath in order not to harm his soft and sensitive skin and not to adversely affect his health. thanks to these tips, you will both enjoy your baby’s bath and get rid of the worries you experience while bathing your baby. so both you and your baby will have a pleasant time while taking a bath.

so how many degrees should be the most ideal bath water that will not harm your baby’s skin?

How many degrees should the baby’s bath temperature be?

because babies get used to their mother’s temperature when they are in the womb, they also look for this temperature in external environments after they are born. it is enough to use warm water for bathing.

although this temperature is known as the average of the decembers 37 degrees, the temperature between 35-37c is ideal for babies. the most ideal bath water temperature that will not harm your baby’s skin should also be 35-37c.

how to set the baby bath temperature?

before the baby is placed in the bathroom, the temperature of the water should be carefully checked by measuring it by degrees or pouring it into the forearm, preventing the baby from burning. if the water temperature does not bother you, then this temperature is also suitable for your baby.

what happens if the baby swallows the bath water?

the most common condition that parents complain about when bathing their baby is that their baby swallows the bath water. although it is not a good thing for babies to swallow bath water, it is not a dangerous condition. Babies are not at risk even if they have peed in the bath water. but swallowing water with soapy or shower gel touches can cause babies to get sick due to chemicals. first of all, in such a situation, parents should remain calm and force their baby to drink a lot of water so that he vomits.

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