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Mother‘s should also know how much a newborn baby should drink in addition to the duration and frequency of breastfeeding.

All women giving birth have in mind the question of how many ml of breast milk does a newborn baby drink.

It is very convenient to reach the ideal size at the end of several studies.

The amount of milk varies depending on the physical characteristics of the babies, their needs and how old they are.

The stomach of newborn babies is extremely small. For this reason, the first three days are breastfed enough to take 30 ml – 60 ml every 2 hours.

Babies with a high birth weight may have a greater appetite. Babies can drink up to 150 ml at each meal in the first month.

For the next 3 months, they can consume 120- 180 ml at each meal. at the end of October 6, the number of meals with additional food is reduced to five. In total, they consume 1000 – 1400 ml of milk.

Although it is an average amount, it should be remembered that the amount of liquid and milk needed by babies differs from each other. In addition, reasons such as the baby’s fever, the need for water affect the amount of breastfeeding.

What Are the Baby Breastfeeding Hours by Month?

Breastfeeding hours vary by months or even days. The idea of how many months the lactation period should be differs depending on the baby.

As the baby grows up, the need to drink milk increases along with the energy it spends. This condition causes him to consume more milk. The baby, who is weak on the first day, learns to suck strongly as the months go by.

As the mobility increases, it expends energy, which increases the need for suction. Breastfeeding hours in the first month are quite frequent.

As long as the baby wants, it is necessary to breastfeed without waiting for hours. Under normal circumstances, the breastfeeding period of a 1-month-old baby is 2 hours as a december interval. But mothers who give birth prematurely can also breastfeed for less than 2 hours.

When babies are hungry, they wake up and look for breasts.

Despite this, if 2 hours have passed, the baby is woken up and breastfed. It has been scientifically proven that frequent breastfeeding has many benefits besides multiplying milk. Mothers who often wake up at night in the first months 3.at the end of the month, at night, if the baby does not wake up, they can wait 4-5 hours without breastfeeding.

Having drunk enough milk, the baby falls asleep comfortably. Breastfeeding hours of babies who start feeding with october foods become infrequent.

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