03 Feb

By trying various breastfeeding positions in a very short time, you will have discovered the most suitable breastfeeding method for you.

Remember that a method that is suitable for one mother and her babies may not be suitable for another mother or their babies.

You will also learn the most suitable method for your babies and yourself over time. This method can be any of the following:

Breastfeeding separately: You may want to spend one-on-one time with your babies and feed them sequentially so that you can take care of them separately.

The main disadvantage of breastfeeding separately is that the baby, waiting to be breastfed, is hungry and impatient. In addition, the time you will devote to breastfeeding with this method will be doubled.

Breastfeeding at the Same Time: Our advice is that twins should be breastfed at the same time, one on one breast, one on the other breast.

This method not only prevents anyone from getting hungry and crying while waiting for breastfeeding, but also saves you time by taking care of the breastfeeding process at once.

A breastfeeding pillow that will raise both babies and bring them closer to your breasts is very useful in this process.

So, how to breastfeed at the same time?

You can find some answers to the questions below. Here are the appropriate positions:

Double Cradle Grip: Support your back and the bottom of your arms with pillows and sit upright.

Take one of your babies in your right arm and one in your left arm and tilt their heads to the inside of your elbow. Their bodies should be facing you, their mouths should be exactly at the level of the nipples.

Soccer Grip: Place your babies on a breastfeeding pillow or pillow that will serve as this. Let their bodies lie back from under your arms. Grasp their heads with your hands at chest level. If necessary, put a pillow under your hand and support it.

Inpatient Breastfeeding: Lie on your back. Support your back and the bottom of your arm with pillows. Keep your arms behind your babies’ heads in the cradle position. Support them from behind with your hands.

Parallel Position: In this position, the babies lie down in the same direction. One baby is in the cradle position on your right chest, the other baby is in the soccer position, his head is on your left chest, his body is under your left arm.

You may need an assistant or a supporter when breastfeeding your twin babies at the same time. Do not forget to share their twin fathers in these wonderful moments.

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