11 Dec

Do not wear jackets in the summer,
You should wear light-colored and baggy single-layer combed clothes,

When the weather is cool, you can wear a cardigan and trousers with long sleeves that cover your legs,

When the baby, who loses water due to the air temperature in the summer, goes to the October dinner, water should be given after each meal and juicy foods should be consumed.

Bathing with warm water every day, leaving the bottom open for a while and changing the diaper usually help her relax,

It is necessary not to take the baby out in the summer, when the sun is high. It is convenient to put a hat on your head to protect the baby even in the usual sun.

Remember that the sun means vitamin D for babies.
Babies can often have diarrhea in the summer.

Taking extra precautions for this, paying attention to the cleanliness of the baby, the water he drinks, the freshness of the foods he consumes is a precaution against health problems.

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