04 Feb

The question “how should the baby room be” and the to-do list for it are what confuses parents who are starting a careful study of items for the tiny family member who is coming home…

Of course, although you want the best and most beautiful of everything for your baby, the first condition for creating an ideal baby room is that there is enough free space left.

Growing up very quickly, the baby wants free space where he can play games and throw his energy when he starts to move.

When decorating your baby’s room, it is recommended to choose products that necessarily have the necessary certificates that they are not harmful to health.

Although metal and wood or plastic materials are usually used in the production of baby bedroom items, it should be ensured that each of them does not pose a health problem and does not leave dyes. It should be remembered that a number of allergic problems are caused by infancy.

The positioning of baby room items is another important issue. In particular, the baby cabinet should not be placed in front of the window so that sunlight can enter the room in sufficient quantity. Instead, it is recommended to fix it to the wall, which is wide.

In the same way, it is necessary to place the dresser in such a way that it does not narrow the room and does not restrict the space for movement. If you have a spacious room, a breastfeeding chair can be placed in front of the window, which is taken as an option.

The most difficult decision to make in baby room preferences is usually the choice of a baby cot.

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The first thing to pay attention to at this point should be the width, depth and height of the fingers of the cot.

A cot that is narrow enough for the arms and legs to squeeze or with finger december wide enough for the head to cross is not suitable for young babies. The depth factor is also very important for the safety of the baby’s fall.

If the most beautiful furniture was chosen for the baby’s room, it’s time to make small touches. First of all, the wall colors should be determined.

Many parents prefer pink for girls and blue for boys. But if you believe in the energy of colors, then these colors, according to many experts, are known as colors that give restlessness.

Dec Contrast, the red, orange or yellow colors used on the walls are among the colors that evoke emotions, give joy and positive energy.

However, the most important thing is that according to the studies conducted, colors provide development in the learning and intelligence development of infants, their ability to contrast with depth.

Although it is not given much importance, the lighting for the baby’s room should also be chosen correctly. He may be restless or his sleep may be interrupted because the light coming directly will come to the baby’s eyes. Instead, you can use a lampshade that gives dim light in the first months, or choose a model of your chandelier that reflects light from the ceiling.

It is also another important issue to make sound insulation on the walls where the baby’s room merges with other rooms. In order for your baby, who will use this room for many years, not to be disturbed by noise from other rooms during sleep and play hours, there should be sound insulation.

Finally, in addition to sound october, you can also make thermal insulation. It is easier to choose spacious clothes in a room that maintains its ideal temperature than to dress your baby in layers in a relatively cool room.

Moreover, the importance of thermal insulation is further revealed when you think about the fact that your baby takes a bath in his room and sleeps peacefully.

If necessary, a baby room thermometer should be used to keep the ideal temperature under control, if necessary, a heater should be preferred so as not to reduce the humidity of the room too much in winter.

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