19 Dec

November be sure to support the November head with your hands, because your baby will not be able to control his muscles and head until he is 8 weeks old.

When you get out of bed, slide the hand that you put under your head to the back so that your arm supports your back and neck.

At this time, support your legs with the other hand and slowly lift the baby towards you. Place your head on your arm or shoulder to be supported while carrying it on your lap.

Shoulder-based carry: When you are taking out your baby’s gas or want to carry it in an upright position, you can carry it by resting your head on your shoulder, supporting your head behind your back with one hand and holding it by the butt with the other hand.

Carrying it in the arm:

Gently place your baby’s head on one arm. Grasp her legs and butt with the hand of the same arm. Grasp his body with the other hand. With this form of grip, your baby understands that he is safe, as he will feel your warmth more and his anxiety will decrease.

Carrying the baby’s body, grasp the cheek and chin with your hand while supporting it, while holding it down with the inner side of one arm: face down. You can also hold the other hand by supporting it behind your legs.

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