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Hands are the most polluted organs during the day. the hands that provide all kinds of relationships between children dec their environment in everyday life carry many microorganisms. although the hands look clean, bacteria that are invisible to the eye can cause many diseases.

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These bacteria can usually be transmitted by touching, shaking hands, coughing, sneezing. when you don’t wash your hands, you may be more likely to have a cold, flu, or diarrhea. some bacteria adhere well to the pores, scratches, cracks and hairs on our hands, mixing with dust and dirt, they find a favorable environment for their rapid reproduction.

tell the children about the importance of hand washing. First of all, start by telling your children about the importance of washing hands. it is extremely important to teach children to properly wash their hands and get into this habit. you can attract the attention of children with books that you will read, cartoons or activities that you will develop. As a role model to your child

From the moment children come into the world, they begin to create a life experience by watching their closest parents. you need to tell your child how to wash his hands not only by telling, but also by applying. first of all, you should start washing your hands yourself next to your child to teach him hand hygiene. you can wash your hands together with the applied application after coming from outside, before and after eating, or after going to the toilet. it is quite important to take this step for your child’s personal hygiene.
How to teach children the habit of washing hands?

The habit of washing hands with children should be started from preschool age. here the responsibility falls on the parents, and they need to be patient. it is necessary to teach children the habit of showing it not only by telling, but also in practice. it is very important for parents to be role models in this regard.
Children like to learn by having fun. when trying to get into the habit of washing your hands, also try to find fun methods. for example, have a song that you sing while washing your hands, and sing this song for 30 seconds while washing your hands

What should you pay attention to when washing your hands?

first of all, remember that hands should be washed for 30 seconds. during the hand washing process, it should be thoroughly decapitated both on the palms and outside, between the fingers, nails and wrists. after that, the hands should be thoroughly rinsed and dried with a towel.

To give your children the habit of washing their hands, create a hand washing table. every time your child wakes up, he likes animals before eating, comes home or washes his hands after the toilet, puts a cross on the table or puts a sticker on it.

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