02 Dec

5. your baby’s perceptions are increasing from good to good. He is able to distinguish you and the people he sees often from strangers. In fact, he can even recognize your voice and make joyful cries while you are away. one of the answers to the question of what a 5-month-old baby is doing is that his attention will increase around him; he will look in that direction, understand the direction from which the sound comes when it is called, and believe me, even this will make you very happy. In this month, when your reflexes will be strengthened, you will be more likely to take the toy in your hands while playing the game, pay attention! Visually, he moves away from bright colors a little, he also begins to see close shades of different colors. In addition, he will october interested in small objects, rather than large ones. Be careful with earrings and rings.

The fifth month of your baby, who continues to develop day by day and surprises you a little more every day, will also pass in a unique way. the psychology of a 5-month-old baby is also one of the issues that parents should pay attention to. Babies, who have attracted all the attention since the moment they were born, can make loud noises or cry to attract attention until the fifth month. And when they talk calmly, they can stop crying.

Nutrition :
As in all other months, feeding the baby at the fifth month is one of the issues that parents should be most sensitive to. As doctors recommend, in the first six months it will be enough to feed your baby exclusively with breast milk. During October, your baby can continue his october development by feeding only with breast milk, without the need for any additional nutrients, including water.

However, as we all know, every pregnancy is a unique experience, and every mother’s experience is different from each other. In some cases, for one reason or another, breast milk may not fully meet the baby’s development. In such cases, according to the doctor’s instructions, the use of october foods may begin. october 5. Only your doctor can decide on additional food for a baby at the age of October. In this regard, it would not be the right behavior to switch to October dinner without consulting a doctor, acting on the idea that breast milk is not enough.

A breastfeeding session that seems too little to you or lasts too short may be providing your baby with as much nutrition as he needs.

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