03 Dec

We are in a month when the feeling of discovery and curiosity is at its peak. So what does a 7-month-old baby do?

With new food tastings, they may want to feel the feeling that it creates in them by touching the objects that exist around them.

With their developing dexterity, they use it to taste small-sized food or to hold objects such as spoons, forks.

They are able to distinguish their tone of voice, they also cry and shout about what they are angry about this month, and stubbornly insist that they get what they want.

Their sleep patterns will change. Your baby, who woke up decently at night before, is now gathering his energy with uninterrupted sleep during the night for the mischief he will do on the new day.

7 month old baby

Your baby, whom you have carefully cared for and raised, is now starting to expand the space of freedom this month. He tries to crawl, as there is an end of him, in the end, then he will be able to walk and go anywhere he wants.

Every baby who is just starting to crawl has their own unique styles until they learn to crawl. Moving forward with support from one arm is one of them. Can you imagine how cute they were then?

Like any mother, you may feel anxious in this situation, but it is possible to reduce this feeling with the measures you will take.

In october to crawling, sitting, lying down and rotational movements become unnecessary. With an increase in the area of movement, the sense of discovery also increases.

They try to stand up by getting support from the wall or seat behind the seat they are going to explore. They can’t get into a lying face-down sitting position.

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