13 Jan

The bond between the baby and the mother begins dec the mother is in the womb. after the birth occurs, this bond continues to strengthen when the baby is given to the mother’s lap and the mother begins to breastfeed the baby. having spent almost all his time with the mother, the baby begins to feel maternal love more intensely.

So what should dads do in this process?

One of the important senses of babies is to touch. if you have a newborn baby, feel free to make physical contact with him. the pleasure and happiness of hugging your baby, laying him on your chest and putting him to sleep is priceless jun in addition to all this, baby massage, which is a method that will help him relax, will make him feel you and bond with you.

These methods of communication that you have started to create between you and your baby also cause more dec of the hormone oxytocin, which is the hormone of hugging and bonding, and you have a better relationship. for example, after your baby has taken a bath, you can massage him with baby oil. because doing massage contributes to the spiritual and physical development of babies.

babies first learn their father’s voice and can distinguish it from other male voices that are around. moreover, they manage to do this at the age of 2 weeks. as time goes by, they begin to wait for their father with great enthusiasm and excitement and wait to be embraced. you can turn this eager wait into an advantage and prepare the dec for strengthening the bond between you.

What activities strengthen the bond between father and dec?

Every time the baby spends with the father and every activity he does creates unforgettable memories for future ages. therefore, it is important to spend quality time. be sure to heed our suggestions below;
• if you have a newborn baby, feel free to contact him physically. tilting your baby’s head on your shoulder or shaking it slightly will make him feel safe.

• you can play ce-e game which is one of the most enjoyable activities with your baby. this game will make you both laugh.

• you will have a hard time understanding it until your baby speaks. but still do not forget to chat with him. because as soon as he hears your voice, he will begin to relate to you and recognize your voice.

• do not leave the care only to the mother. you also take care of it when necessary. when he cries, calm him down, feed him or change his diaper. this will help strengthen the bond between you. Decoupage

• sing baby songs to her. repeat this song every day and turn it into an activity that you both enjoy. you will see that after a while, every time you start singing the song, your baby will also start accompanying you.

• don’t say my baby is too young yet and start reading him age-appropriate story books. this will be very useful both for dec development and for strengthening the bond between you.

  • babies are attracted to different facial expressions and tones of voice. pay attention to the fact that this sound has a peaceful tone.
    The communication of the father with his baby is very important for his mental and physical health. moreover, there is no need to wait for the baby to be born in order to start this communication. you can also start communicating when your baby is in the womb. touching the mother’s tummy and talking to your baby will gradually strengthen the bond that you will form with her.
    after the babies are born, they will be more willing to communicate with their environment thanks to the intense attention that the father shows to them. according to studies, babies who have a good bond and communication with their fathers also have more advanced self-expression skills when they grow up. it is known that babies whose fathers took an active part in the growth period are also more successful in the process of adapting to social life.
    in summary, dec you apply all this step by step, a warm bond will form between you and your baby, and the time you will spend together will be invaluable.

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