26 Dec

One out of every four children has weight problems. Conducted research 21. it turns out that obese children of the XXI century will live shorter than their parents due to obesity-related diseases.

One-third of obese children and two-thirds of obese adolescents remain obese into adulthood. It is necessary to take measures from childhood to stop the increase of obesity.

The sooner the measure is taken, the less likely it is that obese children will have diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a young age.

A normal body means having a lot of body fat. Although the fat child is considered acceptable in society, it is currently facing us as a serious public health problem.

Obesity is understood by the body mass index obtained by measuring a person’s height and weight. Inactivity, improper and excessive nutrition (excessive consumption of sugary and fatty prepared foods) are the most common causes.

Parents instinctively tend to overeat their children. The critical ages for obesity are the first 1 year, 5 years and adolescence.

If your doctor says that your child is fat, you should definitely think of it as a disease. Because fat children experience serious psychological problems in adolescence, they enter puberty early.

Although overweight children do not experience physical problems in childhood, they may experience problems due to exclusion and ridicule from society.

Obesity is the cause of many serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes in later life.

In order for your child not to get fat; When the baby is full, he will turn his head, do not force it. Do not give sugary foods as a reward.

Do not give fast food products such as hamburgers, pita bread, pizza more than once a week. Have walking, running activities for an hour or two a day. Do not completely cut out products such as chocolate, wafers, sweets, otherwise it can create an excessive cravings, so let him consume only one of them every day. Restrict computer and TV hours, but instead encourage activities such as dancing, walking, sports. On your own, any
do not follow a diet program. Be sure to get support from your doctor.

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