06 Dec

Mom and dad, some computer games for an hour, the use of Computer Applications; cartoon educational content, movies and video content that is installed appropriate, non-violent, cause-and-effect relationship between age and development of children under their control, play with technological toys, investigate problems within a certain period of time, the internet may have a very positive impact on children’s curiosity and knowledge.

We can say that without leaving home, parental control, communicating with friends through some Internet applications and, for example, participating in conversations with friends at the next day’s event at school will be a good step for your child to socialize.

Baby Girl

As a result, when we evaluate the impact of technology on child development, it is possible to talk about the benefits and harms of technology in children like everyone else. In order to protect children from useful and harmful content, parents and elders need to keep every child they do under control.

Determining the boundaries, mom and dad should inform their children when building these boundaries, answer all their questions, get an opinion and approval from them about all activities in the house and the use of technological tools and equipment. In this way, communication obstacles and conflicts that may occur later can also be prevented before they occur.

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