04 Dec

The most preferred places for families who want to cool down and have a pleasant time on hot summer days are the pool and the sea sides.

Although the pools and public beaches that many people use in common seem innocent, they pose a number of threats to children’s health. He emphasizes that parents should pay attention to ensure a smooth completion of holidays with children.

The sun is the source of life for all of us. The benefits of the sun for us are not limited to counting. But, on the other hand, there are some problems that arise from exposure to the sun.

The condition of children’s sensitive skin, which is exposed to the sun for a long time, first appears as a rash. Although this rash may seem innocent, it is mainly an indication that the child has a first-degree burn. Cases when water-filled blisters form on the skin are called second-degree burns and indicate the occurrence of a more serious problem.

Parents who have encountered such situations need to apply a cold water compress to the sunburn area for a period of ten minutes three to four times a day. December october, it is necessary to use sunburn creams that are specially produced for children and repeat this with an interval of four hours.

Baby Holidays

And most importantly, it should be remembered that sunburn is a serious problem, and repeated sunburn leads to a number of dangers, up to skin cancer.

Some parents like to go to the beach at the time when the sun is most active. And between these hours she thinks that by keeping her child under an umbrella or other shade, she protects him from the decimation of the sun.

However, to protect the child from the harmful rays of the sun, it will not be enough to keep him in the shade.

At noon, when the sun is at its peak, when the sun’s rays are at their peak, the child should not be taken to the sun, and waterside activities should be performed at times other than December.

It should be remembered that the skin of babies, especially those under the age of one, is seriously affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

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