15 Jan

One of the things you need to do before you meet your baby is to prepare a maternity hospital bag. we would especially like to note that you can be very comfortable in the hospital and avoid being alarmed thanks to a delivery bag prepared on time and with care.

Preparing a maternity hospital bag: why should you prepare a hospital bag?

In order to be ready for the big day when your baby will be born, you can start preparing what you will take with you for your baby and yourself about 2 weeks before the date of birth. thus, along with the excitement you experience on the way to the hospital, you will not get into the rush of preparing a bag and forget about the things you will need.

It is worth considering and listing the materials that you may need for mother and baby separately in your maternity hospital bag preparation. in order for your body, which has changed during and after pregnancy, to adapt more easily to motherhood, you will need different clothes and care products. for moms; a front-opening nightgown, a breast-feeding bra, a breast pad, a cream for sensitive nipples, several pairs of comfortable underwear, sanitary pads, slippers, a pair of socks, a breast-feeding cover, a phone charger, body lotion or oil, and hospital files are among the main needs that should be on the list of needs. if your baby is on the preparation list, you should definitely have basic necessities such as hospital leave, blankets, muslin covers, newborn diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream and baby lotion in your baby’s preparation list.

What should be in the bag outside the hospital.

You should also be prepared for the time when you will return home from the hospital. getting your newborn needs ready for the hospital exit will help you to get through this process more easily. especially for feeding your baby; baby bottle, baby bottle brush, baby bottle cord, pacifier, pacifier box, mouth handkerchief and mueslin apron should be ready with you for the hospital exit. thinking about the car and the outside in advance; products such as main decanter & car seat, baby stroller, baby care bag, thermos bag (for milk and bottle milked), changing mat and baby carrier are also among the things you need to prepare for the hospital exit.
Necessary ingredients for the baby
for your baby if the birth is in your hospital bag;

  • diapers (the smallest size)
  • wet wipes that have passed allergic tests
    • 3-4 pieces of zibin
    • several titles
    • stocking
    • glove
  • vest or cardigan according to the season
    • baby blanket
    • 4-5 soft and clean towels (please pay attention to the possibility of being washed and ironed after receipt) Jul:
    • dirty laundry bag
    • baby shampoo
    it is necessary to have such materials asannebababebekhazirlik

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