04 Feb

Baby shower is a fun-based organization that is usually held shortly before the birth. Dec it is known that it is an event belonging to a foreign culture by origin, it seems to have easily taken its place among prenatal events as an organization that we can easily adapt to ourselves. In this meaningful organization, stylish decorations are made, cakes are cut, treats are offered, gifts are bought and fun games are played in order to give a pleasant and fun day to the mother who is waiting for the birth with excitement and to leave pleasant memories.

Mothers who are about to give birth can often be both excited and a little anxious because they are in an uncertainty about what is waiting for them.

The first and most important goal of the baby shower party is to increase the morale and motivation of the mother, relieve her tension and anxiety, and ensure that she has a nice and fun time with her loved ones with a fun activity.

With the upcoming birth, the costs of childbirth and expenses for the new little one of the family may be burdened. Supporting parents in this regard, alleviating their financial burdens a little through various gifts that satisfy their needs is also one of the goals of this party dec

This organization, to which family members, friends, family friends, relatives are invited, is usually organized by the mother’s -if any- siblings or friends. It can also be performed by the mother or with the cooperation of mother-brother, mother-friend within the scope of preference.

The photo shoot is one of the most important moments of the party.

Adding this special and meaningful moment to the family album with beautiful frames is surely one of the things that every mother will want most of all.

We can answer the question of when the baby shower is held in two ways. The first is before childbirth. Usually, party preparations are started close to the birth.

This, in turn, usually coincides with the third trimester of pregnancy, that is, the last trimester.

Choosing a time closer to childbirth can cause difficulties for the mother. The first and second trimester, which are the first trimester and second trimester of pregnancy, are not very suitable periods for the party for reasons such as the baby’s gender is not clear, the needs are not fully clear with all the details.

Moreover, the fact that the mother’s tummy is on her nose is the most important and meaningful visual material of this party. In this regard, the baby shower party is usually organized one or two months before the birth.

The mother herself determines the net time, of course, in accordance with the state of health. Another option is to hold the party after childbirth.

But it would seem that it is not very possible to organize a fun party with a mother with possible birth fatigue and a baby waiting for care. Moreover, leaving the party after childbirth does not serve the purpose of the party. In this regard, the baby shower party is most often held before childbirth. In terms of timing, the preparation time should also be taken into account.

A long period is not needed if the preparations are to be transferred to an organizing company. But for a mother who wants to have labor in everything, undoubtedly, a long preparation period will be required.

Just like birthday organizations, baby shower decorations, treats, cakes, invitations, venue and outfit selection require detailed preparation, which has many stages. In order to answer the question of how to make baby shower decorations, it is first necessary to determine who will undertake the party preparations.

If an agreement is to be made with an organization company, it is the company’s job to adjust the decorations according to the concept that your mother will prefer. Many details, such as table design, concept toys, color combination, are organized by the company in accordance with the mother’s preferences. It remains only for mom to choose with pleasure.

However, if the mother and her relatives are going to make the decorations, the job falls to the head when it comes to preparing or buying the decorations with all the details.

Girl and boy icons can be included in the party in either case, regardless of whether the company or the mother and her relatives will take care of the preparations.

Visual elements and colors that evoke a boy and a girl can be used in decorations. For mothers who do not want a gender-based ornament, a general ornament can be made with dolls, pacifiers, storks, angel figures, mini-toys related to the baby and childbirth. In addition, we must not forget about the balloons that are a must of parties.

Colorful balloons in various forms and decorations with letter balloons can be made if the baby’s name is determined. If the mother and her relatives are going to make the preparations, it is necessary to arrange a table first.

A stylish tablecloth, tulle in accordance with the concept can be used. The choice of stands and presentation plates on which treats and cake will be presented is also an important detail.

Tassels, balloons, flowers, various icons can be used. Utensils such as forks, spoons, knives and napkins, as well as treats of fancy and creative visual can also be included in the decoration. Forks, spoons and knives can be placed in a stylish way, the visual appearance of the table can be enriched with elegant napkin selections, and energy can be added to the invitation table with treats with stylish and fun presentations.

The baby shower cake is perhaps the richest element of the party ornament. A delicious party cake, usually made of sugar dough, enriched with fun and concept-appropriate visual elements, is dec must-have of the baby shower party.

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